The official News that people from all over the planet have been waiting for; At 7.00 pm GMT (UK Time) Friday 30th January WOW Paradise officially opens the doors and “The Poor Man’s Revolution” becomes a reality!

With members in nearly 4,000 Cities across the globe we’re truly excited to meet our targets and unleash WOW Paradise to an audience of potential business partners who have grasped the vision of what’s on offer.

Unlike many other launches, we’re not going to put the pressure on you. Whether you decide to upgrade to business partner on launch or not is entirely up to you. Your Free WOW Paradise business centre will continue to function without investment.

Great HOT News!!!

We’ve worked round the clock to deliver a viral cash draw system that can build you visitor list/contact list to infinity! This will be your dot com ammo for list building without spending money on marketing. This is a massive addition to the business package and we will be discussing use and promotion in upcoming news!!!

Time To Turn On The Money!

At 7.00 pm GMT on the 30th January 2009 we’re going to switch on the business! It’s going to be a mad/fun/frantic weekend! And we hope you’re part of it. If not please watch these spaces as we reveal the WOW stories that are bound to follow.

Watch This Space…

If you’re undecided about WOW Paradise that’s fine, There’s no pressure, but you can keep an eye on all that’s happening at our WOW Forum,,,and this highly comes recommended if you’re thinking of another way to line your pockets.

Read on and find out how you can become part of this exciting opportunity

I could really kick myself sometimes when I miss out on a great product or useful application especially when it's free. Point in case; Leads Leap free advanced cloaking service. It's been a little while since I last visited leads leap and my ad credits have started to rise quite significantly, although my ad isn't on the network. So after updating my ad I thought I would take a closer look at this advanced link cloaker. Continue reading
If you ever wanted to give your website or background a much needed change or spruce up one of your squeeze pages, then here's a video that will show you how. If your like me and lack the skills to edit your backgounds then following this simple step by step tutorial will enlighten you and give confidence to tackle more complex design jobs in the future. If you have ever downloaded products you will probably find that it comes with a sales page and resell rights to promote. The trouble is that the same sales page is downloaded by many… Continue reading
A slightly different twist of Joint Venture Giveaway I just wanted to let you know that Mike Mazzella & Greg Lloyd have invited 10 top marketers including myself to participate in this small but concentrated giveaway. Hang on a second; if you're thinking this is just another giveaway you're wrong. You see Mike & Greg wanted to get back to the "giveaway basics" so they created what's called the IM training giveaway. There are only 10 of us participating so you're not going to have to spend huge amount of time downloading and sifting through products. The products that we are giving you… Continue reading

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