WP Zon Builder New v3.0 introduces Multiple Seller Offers

WP Zon BuilderWP Zon Builder v3.0 is presently in beta mode which has been released to selected WP Zon Builder customers. I have given the new version a try out and there are some positive as well as negative parts to v3.0. First of all the upgrade is quite a jump from version 2.4e and since this will be a premium upgrade its important to see if this will be worthwhile for present WPZB customers. There is an argument not to upgrade and I will expand on this further in due course. Amazon has upgraded their API system so in time you will have to upgrade regardless.

The new 3.0 version is quite a large file (2.9MB) if you’re uploading via FTP; it took me around three minutes on broadband. The upgrade process is the standard default overwrite via FTP, all your settings will remain intact including your Amazon API keys and associate ID. The main changes have to be manually applied before you can benefit from the new additions.

What’s new in WP Zon Builder v3.0?

Well there are two main additions that will make you sit up and take notice…

General Settings tab/Offer Listings

WP Zon Builder v3.0 has brand new templates that will allow you to use the offers from all Amazon affiliated sellers/merchants alongside your product. So as well as the new listed product details you can also show other sellers and merchants’ deals alongside. There is a drawback to this facility …

To quote the Offer Listings tab (in general Settings WPZB)

This is a bandwidth/processor intensive feature. As such, we do not recommend running this on economy web hosting services.

So in effect if you are on a shared server then this very useful addition will be pointless. Because of the extra resources required to pull in data from Amazon you’re more likely to have your site shut down. There is a ray of hope however, in the Cache tab in General Settings you can adjust the time it takes for WP Zon Builder to refresh Offer Listing data from Amazon, the default refresh is set to 15 minutes but you can extend that.

It really comes down to experimenting to see how your site copes. I would imagine very popular items will hog more resources. If you have a VPS or dedicated server then you would have to go ahead with the upgrade but carefully monitor your site. If you have a lot of traffic then be prepared for spikes and heavy demand on your server. You can still upgrade to enjoy the rest of the enhancements just make sure to leave the Offer Listings box unchecked.

WP Zon Builder v3.0 adds two new Amazon countries

The second and very important change is the addition of two new trading countries namely China and Italy. I expect this addition is worth the upgrade on its own especially if you live in either countries. Of course the appeal of getting into the massive Chinese market is a great incentive for anyone outside these two zones.

You can apply in the usual way for a Chinese or Italian associates ID, the only advice I would pass on would be to research your markets carefully, so that means getting into the information zone.


WP Zon Builder roundup of New features (source WPZB)

Multiple Seller Offers (Multiple New and Used Offers) – If an item on Amazon has more than one seller, a list of sellers will be displayed. With Multiple Seller Offers you can give your customers the choice of buying from the seller or at the price they want.

Multiple Seller Offers Cache Setting - New Cache Setting Allows you to adjust frequency that Multiple Seller Offers are updated.  You Control how often your site refreshes pricing and availability, especially good for used items where inventory is limited.

Unique User Content Fields - Add Unique Custom Content Inside Product Posts.  You now can easily add your own content into to posts. This includes text, images, videos, html code.  Great for Seo and Review sites.

New Countries Added - Amazon Italy and  China Now Available.

Review Template - New Review Friendly Template Choice.  Easily create product Review sites.  Insert a review anywhere in the post.

On-Site Cart Cookie Controller - You can set the number of days for a cookie that stores the items a customer has added to their cart. If a customer returns within x days their cart is still full of the items they selected.

On-Site Cart Style Options - Change the look and feel of the On-Site Cart. Easily update the On-Site Cart with 15 Style Options.

On-Site Cart Product Images - The shopping cart now displays images of products.  User can quickly identify products in cart.

On-Site Cart Seller and Condition Info. – Display seller of product and its condition.  Gives customer confirmation of seller and condition of product.

On-Site Cart Enable/Disable Cart Popup – The shopping cart can pop up when an item is added to the cart or have it not display until the customer clicks the View Cart button. You decide which is best for your customer’s experience.

Amazon’s New API - Update to Amazon’s New API




My advice for what it’s worth, if you’re on a shared server then the Offers Listing should remain unchecked, other than that WP Zon Builder remains an excellent piece of software that blows the competition out of the water. Get WP Zon Builder now!

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